Biou and Toros Feria

Towards August 15th, Saintes Maries de la Mer becomes the meeting point of different forms of bullfights. For three days, Spain and Portugal are Camargue's guests ; it is an opportunity to find, in arenas, shows as varied as the performance of "Recortadores", Camargue cockade race, a Camarguese show and an enormous Flamenco Bullfight in which Gypsies'guitars mark the rhythm of the "tercios".

Early in the morning, one can feel the bullfighting atmosphere that prevails in the streets of the village, around typical breakfasts of Camargue that are offered in arenas and in "bouvaù". Then "abrivados", "cabestrias", "acoso", "deribo" and "becerrada" follow one another and animate mornings before the big shows in the afternoon : traditional Camargue bull runs and Flamenco bullfight.

Fireworks and a dance wind up the celebrations dedicated to the bull.