In Camargue, there is a large choice of excursions from a simple outing within a herd of black bulls to a full day trip.You will be able to discover all aspects of this fascinating and surprising region.

There are trips for all ages, groups and families. Indeed, landscapes in Camargue are accessible to everybody. Visitors of all kinds will admire the beauty of the region.

Rice fields in Saint Laurent d’Aigouze permit the discovery of remarkable and unrecognizable places. Visitors can learn how rice is planted and collected. Nature-lovers can walk in an open-air ecomuseum changing with the seasons.

All journeys deep within Camargue make it possible to meet the cowherds who tell the story of a land they are attached to and of a work they do with passion.

In such a charming landscape, your trips - on horseback, by carriage, or by train - will be so romantic! If you love the harmony of large lands of marshes, sea and pine wood, you should not miss a trip in a carriage.


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"Camargue Naturellement"