Festival of abrivado

This festival is a unique meeting, a tribute to horses and lovers of bovines...

Every year, on November 11th, the "abrivado" festival gathers more than 200 "gardians" (cowboys) and 1,000 horses from all over Provence to participate in this festival on the beaches of Saintes Maries de la Mer exceptionally open that day to riders and their horses.

The public, enthralled by the hammering of horses' hooves, can admire this crazy race safely and share the thrills of this traditional parade of horses which accompany bulls at a trotting pace into the arenas.

The jubilation of the festival starts round a breakfast offered on the beach. Then, when eleven o'clock rings, the riders and bulls depart. The procession of the "abrivado" follows the traditional 6 km ( 4 miles) route from the east beach to the arenas of the Saintes.

Eleven "abrivados" follow one another. They put the "gardians'" know-how to the test, attempting to contain bulls which can escape at any time.

This annual riding event is a perfect mix between the pleasure of riding and the Camargue traditions. It is the image of the fiery Camargue customs and of the local passion for horses.