Gypsies' pilgrimage

Roms (Slovak gypsies), Manouches, Tziganes (Hungarian gypsies) and other gypsies come from all over Europe and even from other continents to worship their Saint, Sara the Black. They settle in the squares, at the seaside. For a week or more, they feel at home. The pilgrimage is also the opportunity to meet up again and most of the children are baptised in the church of the Saints.

Once the shrine is taken down on May 24, Sara's statue is carried by the gypsies to the sea, to symbolise the waiting and the welcoming of the Saintes Maries de la Mer by Sara, patroness of the gypsies. Then the procession goes back to the church with delight expressed by cheers, musical instruments and the peal of church bells.

Sara's statue is situated in the crypt of the church, at the right of the altar. She wears a multicoloured dress and jewels.