Trips on horseback

As the Camargue has adapted itself to tourism, the horses have got used to being more frequently approached by people. Horses in Camague, trained from the age of 3 years, are endowed with a capacity for exceptional stamina and an inexhaustible breath. Progressively, horses have learned to become a domestic animal and to work for men. Horses nicknamed "Poets' horses" have become very tame and sociable.

The "Camargue" species has been acknowledged since 1978 by horse breeders from the National Stud Farms gathered in an association named the A.E.C.R.C (Association pour les Eleveurs des Chevaux de Race Camargue), (Camargue Horse Breeders Association).

Horseback outings are accompanied by trained professionals. Horseback rides lead you onto beaches of fine sands, to discover the beauty of the authentic Camargue in a different way. It reveals all the ecological heritage in the heart of the marshes, with amazing pink flamingos flying. It is so magic. You will be overwhelmed by this sight!

Experienced riders meet in June for the Horse Fair and in November, 11 for an "abrivado" of 5 miles long on the east beach.