Saintes Maries de la Mer

The village of Saintes Marie de la Mer, a place of warm reception, tradition and pilgrimage, is built between sky and sea, where the Rhone meets the Mediterranean Sea.

A legendary site, its shore once welcomed at the dawn of the Christianity Marie Jacobi, Marie Salomé and their handmaid Sarah, who were persecuted Christians escaping from Palestine on a boat without a rudder.

The village offer its visitors the image of its mighty and protecting church and promises a visit with plenty of emotions under an ever changing light.

In the shade of its Romanesque steeple, visitors can stroll through the narrow paved streets, following the tracks of the pilgrims. From the top of the church, on the lookout for something, with their nose and their hair streaming in the wind, they are greatly moved by the wild plains, places of discoveries and warm meetings with "manadiers" (cowboys) riding through the pastures of bulls bound to a glorious future.

From the village, visitors feel the attraction of the dunes, the sandy beachesand the large marshlands with reeds and "manades" (herd of black bulls and white horses). As they love nature and wild lands, they can enjoy the pleasure of exploring the landscape by foot or on horseback, admire the dance of birds, yield to the euphoria of sailing and sliding on a windy day.

Les Saintes Maries de la Mer rises as the capital of the Camargue for those who fall in love with this region, bewitched by its wild beauty, its culture and its lively and authentic traditions.