The beaches

The remarkable fine sand caresses your feet, children renew their beach games at all times, whereas the parents enjoy the gentleness of the sun on the beaches.

In every season, the beach of Saintes Marie de la Mer offers numerous occasions of relaxing and, from May onwards, swimming in warm waters. Our naturist friends will also find their happiness.

During outings in spring, autumn or winter, foam caresses bare feet, the dazzling,ever-changing light offers harmony and beauty. On days of pilgrimage, fervour and celebrations invade the fine sands and beach waters to pay tribute to the Saints who arrived from Palestine 20 centuries ago.

The lovers of horseback riding will enjoy the wild plains at a slow pace or at a gallop. Aesthetes admire the sunset. Synonym for happiness, the beach of Saintes offers a program of relaxation and holidays which you can enjoy all by yourself or in company all year around.