The Camargue bull

The Camargue bull is an animal of a rustic species, shaped by the environment in which it lives. Bulls from Camargue live in herds called "manade" and the territory in which they are bred is comprised of large marshes and wild plains. Its body and head are slender, and the bull is never higher than 4 feet. Its coat is always very dark. The horns are the most typical feature of the race, they go vertically toward the sky and form a perfect lyre, especially for females.

The bull from Camargue has never been able to be domesticated and the preservation of the species is only due to its suitability for bull games and bull runs. This animal is rustic and tough: 120 cowherds ensure breeding of about 15000 bulls.

The breeding of bulls, like the breeding of Camargue horses, is extensive .

Only at the end of the 90's, bullmeat became one of the rare meats which received designation of origin (A.O.C.).

They live within "manades" (herds), almost totally free on lands unfit for cultivation where only reeds, saltworts and triangle can grow...these plants are its only food.

Like the foal, the calf will be branded when it is one year old ("ferrade" in French).