The Camargue Cross

The Camargue cross is an emblem formed with a Latin cross whose upper ends represent a three-pronged fork ( a working tool used by "gardians" (cowboys) ) and whose lower end is a sea anchor topped by a heart.

It stands for the three cardinal virtues :

  • The cross for faith
  • The anchor for hope
  • The heart for charity

The 3 extremities of the Cross end with tridents representing the Camargue gardians and soul.

The Camargue cross was created by the painter and sculptor Hermann Paul in 1924 at Marquis of Baroncelli's request.
The first one, forged in 1930 was put in Saintes Maries de la Mer, near the Maure bridge not far from the Simbeu farmhouse where the Marquis of Baroncelli used to live. Today, it is still there.