The Camargue

Camargue is an island of 85000 hectares situated between the embanked arms of the Rhône, formed by the deposit of sand, stones and alluvium by torrents. This strange fusion of land, river and sea shelters huge wild plains with marshes, tufts of thistle and fields of sea lavender surrounding the Vaccarès stream and making this region an exceptional land.

With a perfect balance between environment and human activities, possessing a history of 26 centuries, this land of passion has become a privileged destination.

Far from the beaten track, it is of an untamed beauty, a discreet soul and an incomparable poetic charm that gave birth to the genious of Frédéric Mistral and inspired numerous artists and writers. A melancholy landscape in a torn vastness, where everything is born and everything dies unceasingly in the deafening sound of waves which wash its sunny coast.

A region of unending contrasts, it evoques a serenity unexpected by visitors and shows exotic views thanks to its varied lights and endless horizons which unveil, beyond the pleasure of eyes, an intense life.