The Flora

The landscape in Camargue is characterized by the double influence of water and salt : irrigation water is diverted to the north of the delta while the sea water introduced for the production of salt increases the salinity of the ground in the south. There are several types of environments: dunes, pools, marshes, saltwort, grass, grasslands and forests.

Humids environments take up 84% of the natural environments, aquatic vegetation is very abundant in Camargue, there’s a large variety of reeds (such as the “sagne” used for building the roof of “guardians” ’huts.) and yellow iris and water crowfoots flower in spring.

The grazing by « manades » (livestock) of bulls and horses permits the development of a carpet of “saladelles” (sea lavenders) while several species of salwort cover the salted and monotonous ground called “sansouire” this is an emblematic landscape in Camargue.

The tamarisk is one of the few trees able to stand the salinity, there are groves all over the plain.
The few forestations, called “ripisylve” which are close to the banks of the Rhône consist mainly of white poplars, ashes and elms.