The Pilgrimage of the Saintes

Since the 12th century, pilgrimages have taken place in the Saintes. The relics of the Saints found in 1448 during excavations which were ordered by King René are especially worshipped during two pilgrimages.

The best known pilgrimage always occurs on May 24 and 25 of each year, with the participation of the gypsies. The 25th of May is a day dedicated to the Saints of the village: Mary Jacobé and Mary Salomé, both of them taken in procession to the sea. They are carried by the gypsies, surrounded by the believers, the Arlesians, the cowboys wearing the traditional costume, and pilgrims from all over the world. Then they are blessed by the Bishop. During those two days, there are many services and prayers in the church.

The second pilgrimage occurs on the closest Sunday of October, 22. It does not have the same magnitude, only the inhabitants of the region participate.