Camargue’s huge natural parks host numerous species: horses, bulls and pink flamingos represent the best-known wild life.

The breeding of Camargue horses, recognized in 1978 by the French national breeding association, involves, just as for bulls, open-air extensive breeding in herds.

The horses, which are brown when they are born, turn white when they are five years old; they are essential for the gardians (cowboys) work in the manade (farms).

Purebred bulls have been present in Camargue since ancient times. They are bred mostly for the course camarguaise.

Other nocturnal animals live in this region, like coypus, wild boars, foxes or beavers. However, birds are the animals that can be most easily observed in Camargue; migrants or not, they are numerous and various. The most representative species of the region is the pink flamingo since the delta is the only place where they come to reproduce.