The Camargue offers habitat to numerous species where they can live in the open in huge nature parks; horses, bulls and pink flamingos are the Camargue’s best known wild life.

The breeding of Camargue horses, recognised in 1978 by the French national breeding association, involves, just as for bulls, extensive breeding in herds and in open-air conditions.

The horses, with brown coats at birth, turn light grey when they are about five; they are essential for the gardian (cowboy) due to their work in the “manade” (livestock of bulls and horses).

Bulls, with their dark brown coats, have existed in Camargue since ancient antiquity. They are bred for Camargue bull runs. Their original breeding conditions made it possible for them to get pedigreed.

Other mammalian species live in the delta but they have a nocturnal way of life, like the coypu, the boar, the fox or, less frequent, the beaver.But birds are without a doubt the easiest animals to observe in Camargue. Migrants or not, they are numerous and various. The most representative species of the delta is the pink flamingo since the delta is its unique place of reproduction in Europe..